Wherever you may be in Europe, a fuel card with ROUTEX functionality is your key to cashless access to quality fuels, lubricants and other on-road products and services. ROUTEX is  an international network alliance between ARAL, bp, Circle K Europe, enilive and OMV  making it one of the biggest fuelling networks in Europe. 

Your ROUTEX branded fuel card provides access to more than 21,000 locations in 34 countries, including 7,600 sites serving trucks and buses. ROUTEX branded fuel cards are accepted by most toll operators across Europe, including electronic road toll operators. Your fuel card issuer can provide you with details of how to benefit from this great offer.

Your ROUTEX branded fuel card keeps you moving even in the unpleasant event of a vehicle breakdown, providing professional breakdown services for trucks and buses all across Europe. Wherever you go in Europe, a filling station or service provider that accepts your ROUTEX branded fuel card will always be near you.

Routex for Trucks

The ROUTEX for TRUCKS network consists of sites strategically located along all major European road corridors.

These sites offer the services and facilities required by international hauliers and HGVs: Quality Diesel, Truck Diesel where available, AdBlue and, of course, high-speed pumps that refuel your vehicles quickly. In many places, dedicated truck lanes are available as well as facilities and amenities for the driver (not available at unmanned sites).

Of course all ROUTEX for TRUCKS sites provide full on-line security features which are available as standard across 100% of the ROUTEX fuel station network.

Almost 3.000 ROUTEX for TRUCKS sites in 31 European countries accept your ROUTEX branded card today. Use the Truck Routing Option of the ROUTEX site finder and check for sites along your favourite routes.

Road Tax, Tolls & Services

Most European road taxes can be acquired using your ROUTEX branded fuel card: use your fuel card account to register for post-paid On Board Units or top up pre-paid On Board Units by simply presenting your ROUTEX branded fuel card. EUROVIGNETTES can also be purchased on-line or at self-service terminals.

ROUTEX branded cards are accepted at the tollgates of the most important tunnels and bridges across Europe. If you want to find out the taxes, tolls or services for which your ROUTEX branded fuel card is accepted, just ask the issuer of your Routex card.